Tour 9A: Walking tour of Caesarea, Half-Day (4-5 hours, without Car).

Elevate your travel experience with a tailor-made tour of Caesarea , designed by Dr. Haim Cohen, Biblical Archaeologist.

A walking tour of Caesarea is a fantastic way to explore this historic city and learn about its rich history and cultural significance. Caesarea was once a major port city and center of power during the Roman Empire, and today it is home to many well-preserved ruins and monuments, including the which was once used for gladiatorial games and performances and the impressive aqueducts. Your walking tour could start at the Caesarea National Park, where you can admire the ancient ruins of the city.

650.00 $


Start at the Caesarea National Park to admire the ancient ruins of the city, including:

  • Walls, gates, and mosaics.
  • Ancient theater (used for gladiatorial games and performances).
  • Hippodrome (used for horse racing).
  • Visit the Caesarea Maritima, an impressive archaeological site that was once the bustling harbor of the city:
  • Remains of the breakwater.
  • Ancient harbor.
  • Impressive walls of the city

our can also include:

  • Impressive Crusader fortress built by the Crusaders during their occupation of the Holy Land.
  • Stunning Caesarea Mediterranean beach to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and lunch.

⚠️ Wear comfortable walking shoes & a hat.

Included * Private tour guide & Car.
* Private hotel pickup and drop-off included.

Not- included * Lunch along the way.
* Entrance fee.
* Tips.


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