Tour 1G: Athens to Corinth: A Journey through History

Explore the ancient wonders of Athens and Corinth on a journey through history, from the Acropolis to the Corinth Canal and beyond. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Greek civilization and uncover the layers of time at archaeological sites and museums.

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Step into a narrative woven with the threads of legend and historical fact on our “Athens to Corinth: A Journey through History.” This one-day tour is an expedition that transcends the ages, connecting the dots between the birthplace of democracy and a land that was once a crossroads of civilizations.


  1. Acropolis Splendors: The Dawn of Western Civilization
  2. Areopagus Revelations: Where Voices of the Past Echo
  3. Corinth Canal Marvel: A Triumph of Engineering
  4. Ancient Corinth Exploration: A City of Commerce and Faith
  5. Archaeological Discoveries: Unearthing the Layers of Time
  6. Return to Athens: Reflecting on a Day of Discovery


  • Your journey begins at the Acropolis, the cradle of Western civilization. As you ascend the sacred rock, the Parthenon looms into view. A testament to the glory of ancient Athens and the enduring legacy of its patron goddess, Athena. The Erechtheion, with its caryatids silently holding up the weight of history, stands as a reminder of the city’s former grandeur.
  • The Areopagus, a rocky outcrop near the Acropolis, is your next stop. It’s a place where history’s echoes are almost audible, from the wise words of ancient philosophers to the stirring sermons of apostles, shaping the spiritual and intellectual discourse of the time.
  • Traveling westward from Athens, you’ll encounter the Corinth Canal. This modern marvel, slicing through the Isthmus of Corinth, is a testament to human ingenuity and ambition, bridging the gap between the Aegean and Ionian seas.
  • In the ruins of ancient Corinth, the past comes alive. Walk the same path as the apostle Paul, who once preached and wrote to the Corinthians. Stand at the Bema, where leaders and philosophers addressed the public, and feel the weight of history in the air.
  • The Archaeological Museum of Corinth offers a treasure trove of artifacts, each telling a story of commerce, daily life, and religion. From the remnants of the Jewish synagogue to the inscriptions that speak of a vibrant ancient community, the museum is a gateway to understanding the multifaceted history of Corinth.

As the day concludes and your journey back to Athens, the experiences of the tour settle into memory. The grandeur of the Acropolis, the solemnity of the Areopagus, the ingenuity of the Corinth Canal, and the spirituality of ancient Corinth coalesce into a narrative that you’ll carry with you long after the journey ends.

Duration: One day (8 hours)


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Terms & Conditions

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